The Book


A spiritual collection of communication and inspiration, woven in poetry and photographs.

A wonderful and timeless read for all ages.

Walking On HIS Footstool is a picture book of prescient photographs and thought provoking poetry by Cindy Eksuzian.  This book was published by Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc. in December of 2010.  It is a lovely and inspiring collectible, glossy book filled with images of places I’ve lived and/or visited in Western Massachusetts and the big sky country of Western, Montana.  

Green forests, high mountain plateaus, cloud messages, sleeping snowy places, carefree flower patches, and woodland paths in concert with poetic verse, help to create a pictorial journey of individuation and a path for discovering the beauty of the highest force in the universe in the wonder of our cherished Earth.

Book Specifications:

  • 198 page paperback, glossy
  • Size is 10 X 8.5
  • ISBN  978-1-4349-5774-0
  • Electronic Edition Formats Available
  • Retail Price $25.00
  • Poetry and Photographs by the Author, Cindy Eksuzian
  • One photograph by Brett Eksuzian

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