The Book

Courage Is Me

Sometimes fear has become such an automatic reaction in our feelings, senses and thoughts, that we don’t realize it is engaged within us.

A clear and strong choice to live faith in the One, Most High, translates to the manifestation of choosing courage instead, to ignite our will to move our force, in the face of experiencing fear.

I am courage to keep moving in the focus that’s right for me, because God is with me.

When we allow fear and its illusionary forces to pervade our choices, we begin breeding self doubt within us.  This self doubt causes us to become stationary, immobile and collapse into reneging on our own choice to move our true light.

Manifesting our movements in life by choosing courage, erases fear, and keeps us focused on the right, sensible realities we create by believing in ourselves and the truth we have to offer.

Courage erases fear when we hold on to the Hand that is God’s sunshine for us, our Divine Respect, as we keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We make our choices from a centered, firm, resolute, positive will, engaged with courage.  

We become free in our own being.

Faith in God brings us our own ability to choose courage to embrace our light of Divine Respect, His gift to us.

It’s possible.

I could say the feeling of a will engaged with courage, is like the Nike Slogan, “Just do it.”  But I would like to describe this a bit further.

Choosing courage to move our light is that automatic sense we have of engaging our will “to do:”

  • like getting out of bed in the morning
  • like eating food because we’re hungry
  • like a boy kissing a girl because he’s decided to go for it!
  • like diving off a ledge of rock into a natural pool 30 feet below
The following photo and poem called “The Slope” are one pages 118, and 119 of “Walking On HIS Footstool.”  When we become the knowing of courage within ourselves, we, as the Nike Slogan says, “Just do it!”

A headwall of corn snow. Whew, spring skiing can be tricky!

The Slope
The slope of fear can be awful steep,
If I look up, the trek feels daunting.
Am I strong enough to make it?
If I look down,
The motion required scares me.
Will I go too fast and fall?
So I’ve parked myself and forgotten
To see my own special real estate!
I don’t have to be afraid,
And let blowing winds push hair in my face,
So I can’t see!
“Stand up!” I say to myself.
I have the strength to walk up to ski down,
And there’s a path cut in the snow on the side of the trail to climb.
I have the energy to make it at my own pace.
To the place of unknown in me this time.
My equipment is in good shape.
My ski boots are secure in the bindings on my skis.
I’ll put on my own gloves, fix my hair in a ponytail,
And now I’m ready.

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